Northwest Arizona Employee Benefit Trust

Lake Havasu Unified School District has joined the Northwest Arizona Employee Benefit Trust, in July 2020.

This trust oversees employee benefits such as, but not limited or restricted to Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Weekly Income, Long Term Disability, Basic or Major Medical coverages for accidents or sicknesses, dental, vision and any other benefits as determined by the Trustees for employees and their dependent families.



The tri-city council for Mohave County was formed to evaluate areas of opportunity to increase inter-agency efficiencies and improve cooperation between the entities.  The formation of the Northern Arizona Employee Benefits Trust (NAEBT) aided the cities in balancing declining revenues and the ever-escalating costs of employee benefits. It also allowed the three charter members to spread risk across a much larger group, and therefore reduce their exposure to claims volatility. 

The Northwest Arizona Employee Benefit Trust (“NAEBT”), to which Lake Havasu Unified School District #1 is a member, posts it meeting Notices, Agendas and Minutes on the NAEBT website, which can be found at
NAEBT meetings are open to the public.
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